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Toni's Collections featured Business Partners


Jax_Co. by Jaxon Porter Logo .png

Jax|Co. LLC 

Specializes in all things custom, custom apparel & company branding. Apparel sizes available from Preemie to 5XL. 


LP Consulting & Management

We help individuals develop and reach their personal financial goals. 


Living paycheck after paycheck. Going to companies that will only eliminate your debt but never educate their clients. Therefore keeping the cycle of financial struggle and endless race.

After much thought, sweat, and hard work we came up with a great idea of educating and creating customized programs that develop individuals & families therefore breaking the cycle of financial struggle and paving a new way for families and generations to come.

Everything we do here is because we care and are Passionate about the success of your family's financial future.  

Hot Commodity Eyewear LLC

Hot Commodity Eyewear

HC Eyewear has been honored to build confidence and inspire fashion forward. Our main principles when building any collection is to push the limits of quality.


Jax\Co. by Jaxon Porter

Jax| Jaxon Porter, specializes in business consulting, and company branding. We have branding, coaching, consulting, and printing services available.  Jax|Co. has also partnered with Toni's Collection to Scent Brand candles for any occasion. We create a unique vision for each and every customer. For all inquiries please contact us directly on the Contact Page or via email at


Glamorous Moms Fdn.

Help Toni's Collection support the Glamorous Moms Foundation! We are so excited to partner with this amazing foundation. 


MISSION: To provide support, inspire, and build confidence in women and children in our community to enhance the quality of life, leading them to health, happiness, and safety. We are proud to support other service organizations to create a community of giving and unity. We strive to bring comfort and life necessities (education, daily needs, and monetary support) to women and children to make meaningful change.


VISION:  A giving and comforting community that educates, strengthens and supports moms, expectant moms, women, and children who need it most. We lead positive social change and deliver support to members through love, advocacy, and service.


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