Our History

Toni's Collection started when Toni decided it was time to venture out on her own and start her first business in 2012. Her own personal love of candles and her God-Mother's passions to make candles; inspired her to start her own company. Tired of purchasing expensive candles that didnt always smell that great or what the label intended. Having harmful residue from the wicks and even chemicals used in certain waxes. She became annoyed! Unbeknownst to Toni, she had tapped into a huge market gap in creating eco-friendly products. Toni's Collection created coconut & soy wax candles, using some of the best European fragrances. 


Even though this company is brand new Toni's Collection has a large customer base and many more have joined them – from business professionals to students. Toni's Collection Soy currently supplies a wide variety of customers from large retailers to small business owners. Toni's Collection appreciates the love and support they have gotten from family, friends, and our amazing customers. The Toni's Collection team THANKS YOU and strives to keep supplying you with great products!!!