Custom Jar & Company Branding  Gallery

Toni's Collection specializes in custom jars, company branding, and bling candles for any occasion. We create a unique vision for each and every customer. Our candles are perfect for gifts, weddings, bridal/baby showers, or birthday parties. There are many options available for creating your custom candle today! For all inquiries please contact us directly on the Contact Page or via email at

Custom Jar Gallery
VS Pink Desert Candles
Custom Wedding Candles
Photo Candles
Shot Glass Candles
Company Branding Gallery
Hot Commodity Eyewear Branding
Bridal Party T-Shirts
Custom AKA Candle
Jax|Co. Clothing Onesie
Jax|Co. Clothing Branded Onesie
Karai Strong Branded Tees
Jax|Co. Clothing Branded Onesie
Custom Apron