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About Toni Porter

I am taking an innovative approach with fragrance. My goal is to transform your environment, by creating an experience through smell. I've adding different elements and complimenting products that can be used anywhere. I have built my business on the idea that fragrance can provide comfort and enrich people’s lives. I consider it a privilege to be a part of creating new memories and making special moments even more special with true-to-life fragrance. 

Our Story

The company’s mission is to build a candle-making business that will not only meet the demands of our existing customers but also intrigue the potential ones. The vision is for Toni’s Collection to be synonymous with high quality and an impeccable reputation in the home fragrance industry. 


Our focus is using to use eco-friendly supplies and materials. We pride ourselves on using high quality fragrance oils and providing environmentally safer solutions, without sparing quality. Our mission is always providing a great product & superior customer service. I want my customers to feel the love that is put in each product. I love researching my industry to ensure I am providing a great product as well, as maintaining the industry standards.

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