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Jax|Co. by Jaxon Porter, is a company that I started for my son. I recognized there was a need to put a spotlight on bullying. Jax|Co. specializes in custom apparel to bring awareness to bullying. Our message promotes Bully Free Zones. Bullying is not something that just occurs in schools, nor is it just an experience that our children face. Bullying affects all ethnicities and people from all age groups. Bullying has moved from schools/playgrounds to social media, places of employment and worship. However, we have to remember not to bash the bully, because usually the bully is hurting as well. Hurt people, hurt people; so we must spread love and positivity to alter the negative effects of bullying.


Bullying sometimes starts in an emotional form of name calling/teasing, to more physical forms such as hitting. Which in more recent years has escalated to murders, suicides, and mass shootings. Bullying has a lasting effect on the victims, the perpetrator, as well as communities across the nation. Bullying has become so prevalent in our school systems, that is imperative that our schools provide a safe environment for all students. By implementing social skill programs/strategies to reduce bullying problems amongst students, as well as staff. When bullying behaviors are addressed school attendance improves, school crimes are reduced, and students overall feel safer.


There are several forms of bullying, most recognized are physical, cyber, verbal, psychological social, racial, and sexual. Today many of our youth won’t have the opportunity to spend quality time with a parent or mentor, who is a positive reinforcement. Statistics show that our youth are seeking affection/attention through body image, peers, gangs, drugs, alcohol, bullying, violence, social media, and/or television. Without positive reinforcement our youth will result to looking for this affection and self-esteem in negative outlets, which can carry over into adulthood.